10 Even MORE Times Doctor Who Appeared In Other TV Shows

Doctor Who, the Time Lords, the TARDIS... they get absolutely everywhere!

Young Sheldon TARDIS

Time Lords are like glitter – they seem like fun at first, but can have some harrowing consequences. Also, they get everywhere.

Doctor Who and its associated characters have cropped up in so many different TV shows, movies, works of literature, and basically everything else you could possibly imagine that we've made not one, but two lists covering the topic. And that still wasn't enough!

It should come as no surprise to anyone who's heard of Doctor Who that it keeps cropping up in other creatives' work. The show is one of the longest-running and most important in all of television history, and has been a source of joy to millions of people across multiple generations. It has a cultural capital so large, it wouldn't be worth trying to measure it.

From other sci-fi shows to kids TV to sports programmes, this list shows the width and breadth of Doctor Who's influence, with some of these entries happening as recently as a few months ago.

Love it or hate it, there is no escaping the power of the flying blue box!

10. Bluey

Young Sheldon TARDIS
ABC/BBC Studios

Beloved by children and parents the world over, Australian animated series Bluey is nothing short of a sensation.

The adventures of the blue dog and her partly-blue family are wildly popular and have won almost every award they could possibly win.

A lead character in the show is Bandit, Bluey’s father, and in one episode from Season 3, he pretends to be a realtor in an attempt to sell their house. Just a casual bit of fraud in a kids show, as you do.

One prospective buyer notes that the house looks a little on the small side, to which Bandit replies “It’s bigger inside.” Now where have we heard that before?

You may dismiss this as a coincidence, but the whole “bigger on the inside” schtick is so synonymous with Doctor Who that this can’t have been an accident. Still not convinced? Then talk to the official Bluey Twitter account, which tagged Doctor Who in the clip.

The Doctor Who account then retweeted the post by the way, just in case you thought there was beef between them.

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