10 MORE Notorious Star Trek Urban Legends

Star Trek has too many legends for just one list.

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After you check out our earlier list here, let's take a look at those rumours, myths, and the rest that simply won't go away! Some of the entries here may be well known to some and completely new to others, which is half the fun of the project to begin with! Still there are more which were a mystery even to this writer, which is a pleasant surprise!

There are those myths that despite ample evidence to debunk them never seem to vanish. There is something to be said for the enjoyment of continuing a legend, with Beam Me Up, Scotty probably being one of the immortal myths of the Star Trek franchise. That's not to say that the rest here aren't as fun but, when a myth makes its way into an obituary, it definitely has locked its place in history.

Starting with one of the longest-serving myths in the franchise, let's see what's out there.

10. Star Trek Featured The First Interracial Kiss On Television

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The honour of which is the first actual interracial kiss on television is a much-debated topic which, for years, Star Trek claimed to be responsible for. In the third season episode Plato's Stepchildren, Kirk and Uhura kiss in a scene that is well-known, yet despite the controversy, this wasn't even the first interracial kiss in Star Trek, let alone television.

Star Trek had several earlier offerings - including Khan and Lt. Marla McGivers and Kirk and Marlena Moreau. Yet these were preceded on American television by a kiss between Nancy Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jnr. The latter kiss was a simply peck on the cheek, so it may not quite count. There is debate as to whether the honour actually goes to I Love Lucy, which featured Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as a married couple who frequently kiss. It is debated because, although Arnaz was Hispanic, he was also described as a white man with Cuban ancestry.

The other contender on American television is the kiss between Lloyd Bridges and Nobu McCarthy in Sea Hunt. This kiss was broadcast in 1959, almost ten years before Kirk and Uhura's kiss aired.

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