10 Most Ridiculous Doctor Who Rumours Ever

Amy Pond has sex with a Dalek? Seems legit.


When roaming the dark depths of the internet, it's hard to know what to believe. There are so many websites and YouTubers telling us stuff that it's always best to adopt a "false until proven true" mentality, waiting until official sources like movie studios have confirmed the validity (or lack of validity) of a particular piece of news.

But then again, there are times when an official source isn't really needed, because it's usually quite easy to tell when a story you're reading consists of nothing more than a ridiculous, outlandish rumour.

Now, to be fair, Doctor Who is quite a ridiculous show (in a good way) so you could argue that even the most bonkers rumour has at least a slim chance of coming true, but we'd like to rebut this standpoint by talking about rumours that are so stupid, so wild, so nutty... that there's no way they'd ever make it onto the screen.

Sex-mad alien clones? We've got those. Pop stars abducting Agatha Christie? We've got that too. Humans and Daleks having babies together? True nightmare fuel, and unfortunately, that's also here. Enjoy!

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