10 Most Underrated Performances In Game Of Thrones

Too many great Game of Thrones performances have been wrongly overlooked...


Given the scale of its source material, Game of Thrones presented a world abundant with characters ranging from noble heroes to terrifying villains.

Within this vast spectrum of individuals, certain performances have understandably received high levels of acclaim from fans and critics alike. Actors such as Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, and Rory McCann have been praised unanimously throughout the show’s run.

However, there were many other great performances as well. Indeed, certain actors made their character highly memorable despite only having a relatively small time on screen. There were also a number of actors who were perhaps not given the praise they deserved due to the fact that the character they portrayed was not someone audiences would naturally root for.

Consequently, it’s time to give some overdue credit to those Game of Thrones performances that have been too frequently overlooked...

10. Harry Lloyd - Viserys Targaryen


Viserys was the twisted brother of Daenerys, and despite only surviving until the sixth episode of the first season, Lloyd’s creepy performance managed to stick in the mind long after his character’s demise.

From his very first scene in Pentos, Lloyd captured the unhinged nature of this character, especially in regard to how he viewed his sister. Indeed, he saw Daenerys as little more than a piece of meat for him to use as bargaining power.

As well as giving off a continuous aura of instability, Lloyd further excelled in demonstrating Viserys’ general contempt for those around him. Even without any dialogue, it was always apparent that this Targaryen prince was proud of his heritage and had little to no respect for those of inferior quality.

Viserys’ death scene was also a great piece of acting from Lloyd. His desperation in the seconds before his demise was chilling to watch, as was his scream as the molten gold poured down onto his head.

Despite his relatively short time on screen, therefore, Lloyd brought this twisted character vividly to life.


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