13 Great Non-Doctor Who Performances By Each Doctor

12. Peter Capaldi In The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad Clifford DeVoe Thinker Peter Capaldi
Warner Bros.

Remember when Peter Capaldi was cast as the Twelfth Doctor and everyone and their grandmother was expecting to see Malcolm Tucker in space? Mercifully, we got something more akin to Hugh Laurie's House with a time machine. If you're still looking to scratch that itch and see how Capaldi would play a sweary, sinister sci-fi character then look further than his scene-stealing performance in 2021's The Suicide Squad.

Capaldi is perfect casting as the Thinker; the scientific genius of the Doctor combined with the potty mouth of Malcolm Tucker but also a unique character in and of themself. The scene where he outlines the alien plot ("Yankee Doodle F***ing Dandy!") as we move towards the film's climax is a bravura bit of acting and a real highlight. The way he immediately switches from meek, kidnapped scientist to evil mastermind is a real demonstration of how great a character actor Capaldi is. Given DC's rather loose approach to chronology - how many Batmen have they got running about at the moment? - there's hope that we may see him back again in future films.


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