15 Most Monstrous Villains In Television

8. The First Evil (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Ramsay Bolton Game of Thrones
Mutant Enemy Productions

The anthropomorphic personification of all the evil that exists, has existed and will exist in all of existence, The First Evil isn’t just the original sinner, but the original sin: a formless entity of such horror that its sole purpose is to unleash hell on earth.

That would make it the most badass of all the Big Bad villains faced by Buffy Summers over the seven years her show ran, were it not for the fact that The First Evil is also incorporeal, and cannot manifest a presence that can directly harm, or even affect anyone on this plane.

What it can do, is manipulate, scare, intimidate, cajole, threaten and trick its enemies into damaging themselves or their own missions. Being the representative of all the wickedness in the hearts of all humanity gives this extradimensional !*$% a deep and real insight into the human condition, which it uses to mess with people’s minds, taking on the appearance of the dead to taunt the living.

That’s the other thing that The First Evil does, aside from use its many thousands of cultists, minions, henchmen and enforcers to try and bring about a specific kind of apocalypse: it screws with you. It’s not enough that it’s a nameless, faceless evil from before recorded history, it has to be a massive d*ckweasel as well. Truly, it is indeed the worst kind of evil.


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