18 Best TV Moments Of 2018

14. Aspect Ratio Change - Homecoming

Homecoming Julia Roberts

Homecoming, led by a superb Julia Roberts and directed with all the visual panache we've come to expect from Sam Esmail, played out in two timelines that were marked on-screen by a key difference. In 2018, things played out as 'normal' in 16:9 aspect ratio; in 2022, though, we're given a much tighter 1:1 screen, with black bars down either side.

The idea is to represent the freedom and knowledge Heidi (Roberts) has in 2018, whereas she can't remember anything in 2022. That all changes in episode 8, when her memories come flooding back, and Homecoming plays its greatest visual trick.

As the realisation dawns on Roberts' face, the screen expands from 1:1 into widescreen. After so long without her memories, it's a great moment for her to discover the truth, and propels the series to its endgame. But add in the visual trickery, and it becomes something truly stunning.


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