28 Doctor Who Actors Who Died In 2022

Please join us as we take the time to offer a tribute to these Doctor Who stars.

Doctor Who Wilfred Mott Bernard Cribbins
BBC Studios

In 2022, many people who had been involved in the Doctor Who franchise sadly passed away. It is difficult to truly state the depth of their contributions, no matter the size of the role - be it a non-speaking extra, a stage-hand, a script writer, or a director. For this list, we have concentrated on those who appeared onscreen, but we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate those who appeared behind the camera.

John Brace, Spencer Chapman, Beryl Vertue, Henry Lincoln, Ian. D. Tootle, Derrick Goodwin, Perry Brahan, Clive Leighton, Alan Grant, Tony Dow, Raquel Ebbutt, Muirinn Lane Kelly, Marcus Sedgwick, Shirly Coward, Chris Boucher, M.A.C. Adams, Gavin Birkett, Peter Hales, David Hughes, Adrian Hayward, and Lance Andrews all brought their unique talents and visions to the show, and are sadly missed.

We would also like to celebrate those performers who appeared in Big Finish productions. Stephen Aintree, Leonard Fenton, John Stahl, Ron Pember, Anthony Townsend, Patricia Brake, Bruce Montague, Zulema Dene, Leslie Philips, and Stephen Grief all helped to keep Doctor Who alive in the audio adventures, and will be lovingly remembered.

While we have researched extensively to ensure that everyone who passed in 2022 is mentioned, please get in touch if there are any that you feel we have missed.

Now, please join us now in honouring those actors who we said goodbye to in 2022.

24. John Hogan/Roger Nott/Deborah Brayshaw/John Raven/Malcolm Rogers

Doctor Who Wilfred Mott Bernard Cribbins
BBC Studios

John Hogan passed away in January 2022. He first appeared in the Second Doctor serial The Tomb Of The Cybermen, where he played one of the terrifying cyborgs chasing the Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria. Though they would escape him in this serial, he would return in the very next story - The Abominable Snowmen - as one of the eponymous Yeti-robots (we sense a theme!) out to cause havoc for the heroes.

Roger Nott was born in November 1943. He appeared as an uncredited UNIT soldier in the Third Doctor serial The Green Death, as a Prisoner in the Sixth Doctor serial The Twin Dilemma, and returned to play the Old Man in the video game Attack of the Graske. He was an actor and writer from Cardiff. He died on October 13th. He was 78 years old.

Deborah Brayshaw was born in Birmingham in 1946. She appeared in the Third Doctor serial The Day Of The Daleks, as Girl Technician. This serial was notable as the return of the Daleks, after a five-year absence, as one of the Doctor's ongoing adversaries. It was also the first Dalek story to be produced in colour. Brayshaw died on October 15th. She was 76 years old.

John Raven, born in 1935, played the Savage that is seen via the TARDIS scanner at the end of the First Doctor serial The Gunfighters. He would then appear again in the next serial The Savages. Unfortunately, all four episodes are currently missing from the BBC archives. Raven began his career in acting in the 1950s, though it seems as though he left the field toward the end of the 60s, with his role in Let's Go Out serving as his final credit.

Malcolm Rogers was born in November 1936 and appeared in two Doctor Who stories. First, he appeared as a robot of Dracula in the First Doctor serial The Chase, then later he would appear as a policeman in The Daleks' Master Plan. He would go on to appear in the acclaimed Pink Floyd: The Wall in 1982 as well.

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