8 Lovable TV Characters That Would Be Insufferable In Real Life

7. Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw

Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw: journalist, fashionista and the ultimate "It Girl." She also happens to be one of the most unbearable human beings imaginable. You can only sit back and wonder exactly why Carrie's gaggle of cronies choose to hang out with her, given the depth of her self-obsession and her pathological need to be the centre of attention at all times. I have spent an obscene and regrettable amount of hours glowering at the television and wondering exactly who would choose to be friends with such a vapid airhead, let alone date her. The only massive thing about Mr. Big for all I can tell is the mystery surrounding his infatuation with her. The final insult regarding Carrie is the true dreadfulness of her journalism. The show is littered with such pearlers as "Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first" and the teeth-grindingly awful "If you're tired you take a napper... you don't move to Napa." Get out, Carrie: awful jokes are my department.

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