Blood Of Zeus Review: 9 Ups And 2 Downs

7. Up: The Relationships

Blood of Zeus Netflix

The relationships between characters are the driving force of this series, more so than the battle against demons and giants suggests.

The most compelling and fraught of these relationships is that of Zeus and Hera, who at once feel like real people as much as they are powerful, grand, and ultimately petty gods. Instead of reducing their dynamic to hatred alone, the series delves deeper into their history and feelings for each other, humanising them in a way that isn't always explored in Greek Mythology adaptations.

Other relationships that shine within the story are familial relationships - that of Heron with his mother, the two clearly having a strong and loving bond in a world set against them. Family also plays a big role in the dynamics between gods, from siblings Apollo, Artemis, and Hermes having a closer relationship as Zeus's previous "bastard" children to Ares's loyalty to his mother Hera.

The way characters connect with each other isn't lost in the sweeping grandeur of this epic story, which is one of the reasons the personal struggles remain just as compelling as the heroic ones.


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