Casting Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Reboot

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine may be sacred, but what if...?

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Reboot

Nothing at all is sacred in Hollywood but sometimes that isn't the end of the world at all. Star Trek was successfully rebooted in 2009 with JJ Abrams' films, and though Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, and Deforest Kelly all seemed irreplaceable, the cast in those films was actually spot on. So much so in fact that with the sad passing of Anton Yelchin, there have been many calls to retire the character of Chekov altogether.

While there are many (including this writer) who would take the news of a reboot of Deep Space Nine with... hesitation... that doesn't mean it isn't fun speculating about who could step into those roles if the situation arose!

Now this entire post is entirely a bit of fun speculation - budgeting for these players plays no part in this dream!

For the past several years, television has been enjoying a golden age of high production values and output. Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard both look superb, and the animation on Star Trek: Lower Decks is glorious. What is certain is that, if Deep Space Nine were to be rebooted, there would be stunning new depictions of the station, of Bajor, and even the Wormhole itself.

So, take a leap of faith, and let's see who could be manning that lonely station on the edge of the final frontier.

19. General Martok - Brian Blessed

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Reboot

Yes, this is a slightly older photo.

No, we don't care. If Patrick Stewart can lead a show while in his '80s, then so can Blessed, dammit!

Brian Blessed was made to be a Klingon! He would be the most believable leader of a troupe of Klingon soldiers, single-handedly charging into battle if the need arose. It takes very little imagination to think of him in Klingon gear, with a ridged forehead and an eye patch.

In the attached picture (again proving he is no stranger to science fiction) that smile alone would turn even the bravest Jem'hadar warrior on their heel and send them scurrying back through the Wormhole.

There might not have been a war at all if Blessed had been there.

Food for thought!


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