Casting Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Reboot

18. Vic Fontaine - Michael Buble

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Reboot

Michael Buble would be the perfect choice to take on the role of the crooning lounge singer in Quark's holosuites. His voice is like melted butter and he has acting experience already. The picture above is a still from The X Files - so it wouldn't even be a huge jump for him to arrive in science fiction!

He suits the style of the lounge easily, it is not a stretch to imagine him decked out in a tux and singing to the crew as they toast with a champagne flute. Also, some of the best moments of Deep Space Nine's final season took place in the casino - and Buble would easily slot into that Ocean's Eleven mould.

There is another reason for casting him. It has become something of a running joke that Michael Buble is only let out of his cage when it gets close to Christmas. Wouldn't it be nice to let him sing at other times of the year?


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