Casting The Star Trek: Enterprise Reboot

9. Silik - Sacha Baron Cohen 

Enterprise Neeson

Silik was the Suliban nemesis that faced off against Archer time and time again on Enterprise. John Fleck has a clipped tone that is instantly recognizable. He also played several other characters across the franchise, though this villain is his best known. While this suggestion is a little bit left of field, Sacha Baron Cohen would be an excellent choice to take up the reigns.

Another actor with very little need for introduction, he has brought many iconic characters to life over the years. Borat, Ali G and Admiral General Aladeen may be some of his best known roles. However, with turns in Sweeney Todd, The Trial of the Chicago 7 and the mini-series The Spy, he has continually impressed with the chameleon-like ability to become these characters on a dime.

Perhaps there is something in the fact that his face evokes memories of the wicked Suliban, with serious eyes and downturned mouth in the attached photo. Yet it would be all too easy to see him stand against our pick for Captain Archer, calculating every move.


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