Doctor Who: 10 Greatest Thirteenth Doctor Stories

8. Eve Of The Daleks

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The saying "limitation breeds creativity" can certainly be applied to this story, as due to the pandemic, Eve of the Daleks was forced to use limited locations and characters. Impressively though, it all works rather well.

Set in a storage facility on New Year's Eve, the Doctor and her crew arrive to find that the TARDIS has created a time loop due to leftover energy from the Flux. In a shocking moment, a storage facility customer is killed by a Dalek, only to be brought back, with the Doctor eventually realising that they are trapped in a time loop which gets one minute shorter upon every reset.

Eventually, the Doctor and company are able to outsmart the Daleks by subverting expectations in one of their loops, and then creating an explosion in the last minute of the loop which destroys the Daleks.

Eve of the Daleks features comedian Aisling Bea in an excellent guest role as storage facility owner Sarah. It also features a brilliant emotional moment with Dan confronting Yaz about the feelings she and the Doctor have towards each other, directly addressing the "Thasmin" fan ship.

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