Doctor Who: 10 Things You Never Knew About Series 4 Of NuWho

Little known facts about the Tenth Doctor's final series.

You€™d think Russell T Davies went into the fourth series of resurrected Doctor Who brimming with confidence. A daft sci-fi show which had only ever enjoyed a cult following brought back from the brink and propelled into a three-series streak of mainstream popularity under his pen. Newborn spin offs had expanded the Whoniverse and found success in their own rights, uniting old and new fan alike. This quirky relic of a bygone era now dominating Saturday evenings as BBC One's flagship show. Surely, he must€™ve felt, Russell T Davies could do no wrong! Actually, it€™s a little more complicated than that. Luckily for us, Davies entered into a near-daily dialogue with young journalist and Doctor Who Magazine contributor Benjamin Cook from February 2007 onwards, detailing his time orchestrating the Whoniverse. By this point, he was easing Torchwood into a second series and kicking off the Sarah Jane Adventures whilst putting together a bombastic Christmas special set on the Titanic and a series that would tie up all the loose ends of his era. Cook and Davies converted that length email exchange into a book, The Writer€™s Tale. The Writer€™s Tale, as well as being an insight into a creative mind dealing with pressure, is packed full of trivia on the development of the fourth series, from abandoned story and character ideas to general behind the scenes gossip. This, along with other tidbits gleaned from cast and crew interviews, has given us 10 things you probably didn€™t know about Series 4, as part of our NuWho retrospective (don't miss our Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 editions!) building up to its 10th anniversary on 26th March 2015. Let's get started!

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