Doctor Who: 10 Villains Who Should Return For Russell T Davies' New Series

Russell T Davies is returning to Doctor Who, and here are the villains he should bring with him...

Doctor Who the Ood

24 September 2021 is a day Doctor Who fans will never forget. That was the day we learned that Russell T Davies is returning to helm the show in 2023, and though we don't know much about his plans, it's safe to say that this can only be a good thing.

RTD, of course, is the man who revived Doctor Who in 2005, showrunning the Ninth and Tenth Doctors before passing the baton to Matt Smith and Steven Moffat in 2010. Clearly then, RTD knows what he's doing with Doctor Who, and fans have every reason to excitedly speculate about what he has in store.

One thing that's bound to happen is that RTD will wheel out several familiar faces, pulling from both the classic series, as well as his own original stint on the show. There's a good chance we'll see RTD-created heroes like Luke Smith, Gwen Cooper, and maybe even Donna Noble, but what about RTD-created villains?

Well, that's what we're here to discuss! It goes without saying that we want heavy-hitters like the Vashta Nerada and the Weeping Angels to return, so to keep things more interesting, this list will focus on those who don't get as much love...

10. The Krillitanes

Doctor Who the Ood

The Krillitanes are an example of a great concept that was wasted in its execution.

Appearing for the first and only time in Series 2's School Reunion (not counting their cameo in Tardisode 3), these monsters are - to borrow a phrase from the Eleventh Doctor - "patchwork people", able to cherry-pick physical features and abilities from whichever species they conquer.

But despite the large amount of tantalising possibilities in that concept - it could've been established that the Krillitanes had stolen regeneration powers after killing a Time Lord, or kitted themselves out with blasters after defeating a Dalek - they were depicted as giant bats with almost no interesting abilities. Great stuff.

It was a real shame, because again, there were so many more interesting routes that could've been taken here - so just imagine what a writing wizard like RTD could come up with.

Krillitanes with Weeping Angel and Silence powers? Krillitanes with Time Lord powers? Krillitanes with Pting and Zarbi powers? Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the point. This is basically a free pass to roll two or three iconic baddies into one, and that potential is definitely worth exploring in the future.

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