Doctor Who: 14 Cool Details Revealed In Steven Moffat's Wedding Of River Song Commentary

That Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart cameo: explained.


Coming off the back of the hugely successful Series 5, star man Matt Smith and showrunner Steven Moffat were under a lot of pressure to deliver the goods with the sixth series in 2011.

And while the overall package isn't as neat and tidy as Series 5, Series 6 is another strong run of episodes, with some incredible standalone stories (The Girl Who Waited, The Doctor's Wife, The God Complex), and an overarching plot that is both twisty-turny and ambitious, despite all the pieces not slotting together as smoothly as you'd like.

This is largely because series finale The Wedding Of River Song feels a little bit bloated (it should've been a two-parter), but still, it's got tons of action, charm, and emotion, and it also improves upon repeat viewings, because the insane hype leading into its initial broadcast date simply doesn't exist anymore.

And if you are going to give it a rewatch, it's worth doing so with the official commentary track, because it's a really good one.

With Moffat on the mic (plus director Jeremy Webb and Kovarian actress Frances Barber), there are tons of insightful production details here, and it's fascinating to hear about the challenges involved in bringing this complex episode to life.

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