Doctor Who: 5 Big Finish Crossovers We Need To Hear Now

2. River Song And Captain Jack

Big Finish Captain Jack Tennant

Alex Kingston and John Barrowman are no strangers to Big Finish or one another. Kingston leads her own series of River Song adventures while Barrowman's Captain Jack Harkness appears in Torchwood and will be kicking off his own box set next year. The two actors have also worked together on Arrow and seem to “accidentally” run into one another at conventions on a regular basis.

So it’s about damn time they stop flirting and get together Doctor Who, of course.

Think about it. Jack spent centuries hanging out in Cardiff waiting for his Doctor to show up, River studied archaeology in the future to try and track the Doctor down. With their shared goal, and River having access to time travel, it’d be more surprising if they didn’t run into one each other at some point! Not only would their chemistry be absolutely electric, there’s bound to be some friction when Handsome Jack meets the woman who finally got the Doctor to settle down.


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