Doctor Who: 5 Unavoidable Arguments Against A Black Twelfth Doctor (And Why They're Wrong)

eijofor who It€™s 2013. It€™s the back end of 2013. It€™s the 21st century, it€™s the show€™s 50th anniversary, and it€™s coming up on the eighth revived season, thirty-fourth season overall. I am 110% ready for a non-white Doctor in the TARDIS, and so is an exceptionally vocal legion of fans, their main competition being the legion asking for a female Doctor. Oddly, no one seems to be sticking their hands up for a female black Doctor€you get the best of both worlds and a welcome regime change. Personally, I don€™t want Steven Moffat anywhere near a female Doctor considering his past portrayal of women in the series, but I€™m all for the Doctor having a race change, if not a physical gender swap. We€™ve had eleven white dudes, yet in the revived series we€™ve seen canonically black Time Lords and a black Time Lady turn into a white one. It€™s time for a change. However, you invariably meet people out on the wilds of the internet who cry foul, that the Doctor must stay white and probably retain his XY chromosomes while he€™s at it. They bring up the same arguments each and every time, and I€™ve had it. Here€™s your handy breakdown list of the five main arguments they use, and how to comprehensively rebut them.

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