Doctor Who: 5 Unavoidable Arguments Against A Black Twelfth Doctor (And Why They're Wrong)

5. But The Doctor€™s Always Been White!

doctor-who(bonus points if they also cite €˜he€™s always been male€™ for why we can€™t have a female 12th Doctor) That€™s 110% true. The Doctor has, in the TV series, up to this point always been white. We can€™t change that, I mean €“ the show€™s always had certain traditional elements that bely its origins in the 1960s. Of course the series is still filmed in black and white on soundstages with a week€™s rehearsal. Of course the Doctor is always accompanied by his granddaughter. Of course there is absolutely no hanky-panky in the TARDIS. Of course the Doctor is always a crotchety old man. Of course the original theme is still used without variation 50 years later. Of course the show bypassed the racial equality and gender equality movements and has kept the cast white and the women subservient. Romana, Sarah Jane, Martha Jones and Rita were not intelligent, quick-witted women worthy of respect who showed the Doctor who was boss. In short, change in the world of Doctor Who has almost always been good. There€™s no point trapping the €˜rules€™ of a show in the past when it can travel anywhere in time and space.

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