Doctor Who Series 9: 10 Things To Expect From Moffat's Last Series

9. More New Writers - And One Very BIG Director

"€we€™ve had meetings today with two writers who€™ve never written Doctor Who before. If I told you their names, your brain would explode € brilliant, prominent and amazing writers."
Over the last two years, Steven Moffat has brought in some very successful new writers; Jamie Mathieson in series eight and Sarah Dollard in Series Nine both made huge impacts with their debut stories. Moffat certainly talks the talk but if these new writers are as good he claims to be, we could be in for a real treat. Perhaps one of them is Peter Jackson; there has been a lot of talk of him directing the show and that recent video featuring Peter Capaldi himself has all but confirmed his involvement in the show. Given his scripting duties on Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit trilogies, it is certainly possible he could write and direct his own story. And of course, there are the return of old favourites. Neil Gaiman was too busy to write for Series Nine but has expressed great enthusiasm for writing for Capaldi's Doctor. Adding him to Series 10 - and allowing him to redeem himself for Nightmare In Silver - would be a great coup for Moffat's final series.

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