Friends Quiz: Who Am I - Ross Or Rachel?

"We Were On A Break!"


The on-again off-again saga of Rachel and Ross is believed to be one of the best romance stories in the history of American sitcoms. In fact, most people think that it was the large part of why Friends was so successful.

Their relationship started with Rachel waiting for Ross at the airport with flowers and ended with Ross chasing Rachel through the terminal. It took them many seasons, numerous horrible dates, failed marriages, “we were on a break” fights, wrong “I do”s and, of course, “eighteen pages, front and back” to finally understand that they belong together.

Every fan of this couple can easily pass a quiz about the love story of Princess Leia and The Dinosaur Guy, their multiple breakups, getting back togethers and bonus nights. Well let’s make it a little bit harder and see how well you know these lobsters apart from each other.

Can you guess whether the following statements belong to the fashion icon Rachel Green or the sensitive professor Ross Geller.

1. I Got 1250 On My SATs.


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