Friends: You'll Never Get 100% On This Joey Quiz

Joey doesn't share answers!!!


Romance and long-term bonds might be at the heart of Friends, but it says something that probably the most entertaining character in the entre show (at least in terms of the main cast) was the one most committed to forging short-term connections and having promiscuous sex.

Joey Tribbiani was a legend: a character who seemed one dimensional on the surface, but who hid complex depths beneath his food-loving, good-time-seeking, slightly dim exterior. What other TV character could claim to get more intelligent when under stress, for instance?

You'd struggle to find a character elsewhere in other shows more loving, more loyal and more charming than Joey (which is why he replaced Ross as Chandler's real best friend almost immediately after meeting him), why all the female characters had an instant crush on him and why he was never the victim of any of the humour.

You might love him, but how much do you know about Joey really? Are you an expert?

Answers at the end!

1. How Fast Does Joey's CV Claim He Can Drink A Gallon Of Milk?


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