Marvel's Daredevil Season 3: 10 Spoiler Free Reactions To First Six Episodes

4. Charlie Cox Has Raised His Game

Daredevil Season 3

Charlie Cox has always been a strong performer on the show, albeit one ever so slightly overshadowed by bigger, louder performances on the show (the hulking presence of Vincent D'Onofrio in Season 1, and Jon Bernthal's raging Frank Castle in the early episodes of Season 2).

Once again, though, Cox is able to finds new depths to this character and continue pushing his performance to new heights. The little tics and nuances he affects in order to convincingly play a blind man remain remarkable, and he adds new layers to them this year, including pretending he's genuinely blind without his special senses, but also going the other way and having to act as though he can see.

On top of that he's required to show a great emotional range, from the sheer pain he feels and being ready to completely leave Matt Murdock behind, to the simmering anger that's always ready to boil over, and despite that he still manages to be charismatic too. He has to take Matt to new lows this season, going deeper and darker than ever before, but Cox's turn just goes to greater heights.


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