10 Best MMA Fighters Of The 2010s

Who are the greatest pound for pound fighters of their era?


While championship titles go a long way to revealing the best fighters at any given moment, the argument of the outright pound-for-pound best in the world is one that will always rage on. Who is truly the best of the best regardless of weight division or promotion?

The 2010s saw the continued rise of MMA into arguably its greatest period of success, both from a business and talent perspective. Not only did UFC sell for an eye-watering $4 billion, but promotions like Bellator and One Championship have risen to new heights as they push upwards as a genuine alternative.

With promotions making big business all over the world, the talent pool has never been stronger, nor had more depth, leading to a heightened era of mixed martial artist and what the great fighters of their time can truly achieve.

While those towards the pointy end of the list were obvious choices, there were certainly some very tough omissions who were unlucky to miss the cut. Big names like Conor McGregor, legends like Georges St-Pierre who - while still having a handy record during the time period at question - really made their biggest mark in the previous decade. There were also those UFC fans might not know as well like Bellator's Douglas Lima and three-time One Flyweight Champion Adriano Moraes.

This is based off a fighter's record solely within the ten year period, for any promotion, although it is still understandably UFC-heavy.


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