5 Moments That Made Ronda Rousey A UFC Legend (And 5 She Wishes We’d Forget)

10. Forget: The Nunes Fight

2016 Getty Images

Most MMA careers, even legendary ones, don't end on a high note. After all, most fighters aren't going to walk away while they're still on top.

Unless she returns, the result of Rousey's final fight in UFC will be a 48 second TKO loss to Amanda Nunes. On the plus side, following her recent victories over Valentina Shevchenko and Cris Cyborg — Nunes has established herself as the greatest female fighter of all-time —so Rousey's loss has aged well.

Still, regardless of the opponent, getting knocked out in less than a minute is a tough pill for any fighter to swallow. As is often the case, Rousey's final performance in the Octagon was also her worst.

As fate would have it, Rousey, a fighter who made a name for herself by polishing off opponents quickly, will likely end her career on the receiving end of a quick finish.


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