Which Ex-WWE Star Turned Down The Chance To Buy UFC?

"I didn’t bother to return the phone call".

Eric Bischoff

Above is the face of a man who could've owned UFC 20 years ago.

Don't laugh, because this seriously almost happened. Via his '83 Weeks' podcast, ex-WCW boss and WWE star Eric Bischoff revealed that he once had the chance to purchase the global fighting juggernaut way back between 2000-2001.

The Bisch would've had to pay a cool $2 million to make UFC his. Instead of pursuing it though, he didn't bother to return the phone call. Later, the Fertitta family made their move; they formed Zuffa LLC alongside Dana White, but they'd end up losing money before UFC made any. Bischoff credits The Ultimate Fighter for changing the group's fortunes.


He made a great point on the pod by saying that UFC wasn't quite the brand it is today back then. In fact, even Lorenzo Fertitta told Fighters Only Magazine that his attorneys were worried he wasn't getting much for his $2m.

Eric wasn't sure that UFC would work out, so he cancelled any thoughts of attempting to buy the company. Imagine it. MMA history could've been so, so different had Bischoff come on board.

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