8 Greatest Hail Mary Victories In MMA History

It's never over till it's over.


In American football, the term "Hail Mary" describes a team that is on their way to defeat make a last-ditch desperation play in the pursuit of victory.

However, the term is just as, if not more, applicable to combat sports. This is because one of the most unique aspects of fighting is that regardless of how many points one combatant has racked up throughout the course of a contest, a fighter on the receiving end of a beating can turn things around in an instant with a well-timed strike or unexpected submission attempt.

After all, the concept of a come from behind victory in professional fighting has been enshrined in the public consciousness thanks to the Rocky movies, where the viewer is naturally inclined to want the underdog to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to get his hand raised.

In that sense, mixed martial arts is no different, and fighters who have managed to dramatically turn a bout on its head with just seconds remaining have earned their place in the sport's folklore. These fighters never stopped trying, and defied the judges by pulling off some of the most spectacular comebacks in the history of MMA.


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