1 Up & 5 Downs From AEW Rampage (Aug 19)


5. They Gave THIS Hype?

Zack Clayton Hook

So, to recap, AEW wasted air time on last week's Rampage by setting up Hook vs. Zack Clayton. The reality TV man boldly predicted that he'd win the FTW Title during a follow-up promo on Friday, then he passed out in a submission hold just 30 seconds later.


Hook should've progressed beyond these rudimentary squashes by now, to be honest. There are bigger things on the horizon for him, at least; Jericho Appreciation Society members Matt Menard and Angelo Parker cut a promo on him post-match. Still, in the short-term, the situation with Clayton was pointless.

Fans barely even reacted to Zack's promo, so it's not like Hook choking him out played before some big pop either. This is the kind of thing people might expect to see on Dark or Dark: Elevation, but it wasn't a great fit for Rampage.

Taz's boy should be past this stuff.

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