10 Absolute Best Uses Of Music In Wrestling History

There was nothing like The Undertaker's entrance music in the 1990's...

Many have taken credit for marrying the worlds of music and professional wrestling. It's generally accepted that Michael Hayes and Sgt. Slaughter were the first ones to really ensure that every performer had their own entrance music. Hayes was ahead of his time in that regard, as this article explains. As for Slaughter, he claims that he was the one to put the idea into the head of Vince McMahon. Whomever deserves credit, it can't be denied that music has become a vitally important part of the grappling industry. It's unthinkable to imagine watching any modern wrestling show which doesn't include music. Even on the independent scene, music is commonly used and everyone has their own tune to come through the curtain to. The use of music in wrestling hasn't only been for the purpose of wrestlers walking down the aisle. Over the years, WWE have used it to great effect for promotional packages, tribute videos and even show introductions. This list aims to look at 10 of the absolute best uses of music in wrestling history. WWE aren't the only company included, the likes of ECW and World Class Championship Wrestling are also featured. All of these musical pieces really helped drive home the point of what the various promotions involved wanted to put across to fans. For their own individual reasons, they are all historic.

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