10 Alleged WWE Sex Scandals That Rocked Wrestling

1. Stephanie McMahon And 'Macho Man' Randy Savage

Lita Wwe

This is an alleged sex scandal between two huge names in the business of professional wrestling that we'll probably never hear the truth about, but has caused a lot of speculation over the last 20 years. According to 'Titan Sinking: The Decline of the WWF in 1995':

"The belief of several in McMahon's inner circle and of many others within the industry (for Vince's complete shift in mentality towards Savage in 1995), was that the only explanation that made any sense suggested Savage had engaged - or attempted to engage - in an illicit affair with McMahon's teenage daughter Stephanie sometime in 1993 or 1994."
"Savage never confirmed or denied the story to anyone, but again that was not unusual. Savage was a private person, the kind of man who had high security fences surrounding his property and CCTV cameras at his gate. Not one for sharing his feelings outside of the occasional fist through a wall when he was angry, he rarely let anyone inside, or even gave interviews once his in-ring career ended. He was a recluse."
"Bob Holly was good friends with Savage while he was in the WWF, and worked under Vince and later Stephanie for years. He too found Vince's refusal to work with Savage as completely at odds with his usual attitude towards business. In his book The Hardcore Truth, he wrote: "Vince is a businessman first and foremost, so even when someone screws him over, if he feels he can make money with them, he’ll put his differences aside and work with them - but he never worked with Randy again. There were rumours going around for years involving Vince’s daughter, Stephanie, and Randy. I won’t say anything other than Randy was always pretty friendly with her."
"As the story is alleged, McMahon didn't learn of whatever transgression occurred until late 1996. At the time he was in secret negotiations to bring Savage back to the WWF, because Randy, whose contract happened to be up in Atlanta, had again fallen out with Hulk Hogan and was unhappy at playing second-fiddle to him in WCW. The WWF was in desperate need of star power, so the two parties opened talks. No one in the office knew of it, but that in itself was not uncommon. As Jim Cornette, who served on the booking team in 1996 noted, "Vince was on the phone all the time. Even in an era before cell phones, if there was a phone around with a wire, Vince was on it. In the creative team we wouldn't have known anything until discussions had reached a certain point where things were likely to happen."" "One person who apparently did find out was Stephanie. The belief is that she broke down in tears, either at the prospect of seeing Savage again or because she couldn't bear living with the secret anymore, and told her father everything. With Randy out of sight he was out of mind, but it would have been much harder for her to pretend that nothing had happened with him if he was around the company regularly again. "

While Savage never confirmed or denied the rumour, he did reference Stephanie in a video for machoman.com, firing back against Triple H's assessment that he was a dinosaur by promising to "take Stephanie McMahon around the block."

Titan Sinking states that, while Savage doesn't mention the alleged incident directly, the few who knew him well realised he wouldn't have mentioned Stephanie's name without motive.

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