10 Best WCW Entrance Theme Songs Ever

4. Diamond Dallas Page

http://youtu.be/KikWIVx_ANs The theme song of DDP in WCW was iconic because it was basically a ripoff of the hit Nirvana song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" that is one of the biggest rock songs of all time. Everybody knows that song. It wasn't the first time WCW lifted a song since they did it with Chris Jericho & Raven as well. It's just that this was the most famous song where they did that. The start of the song has DDP saying "Self High Five" as a way to tell the fans he was coming out. That was his hand signal where he made a diamond sign with his hands. He also says "DDP" a few times throughout the song. From there, it's basically the Nirvana song with just a few tweaks. Give WCW credit for at least ripping off a popular song because people liked the track a lot. It was a good fit for DDP too. Here's a video of DDP talking about the song. http://youtu.be/iwIb9Beza98 Page noted it was a Jimmy Hart song and that Dave Grohl of Nirvana was upset with them about it, but they didn't completely rip it off so they got away with it.
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