10 Best Wrestling Storylines Ever

3. The New World Order

The Outsiders' electrifying debut in WCW would have probably made this list even if it didn't result in the heel turn of wrestling's biggest ever babyface. The arrival of recognisable WWF stars Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in WCW was the first instance of the inter-promotional war being explicitly woven into a storyline. They had arrived "from the north" and were here to destroy the promotion - a point emphasised by Nash's ruthless powerbombing of Eric Bischoff. The NWO remain one of the most visually striking groups in wrestling history, their all-black attire and iconic t-shirts making them instantly recognisable in a very mainstream sense - especially in contrast to the bright colours and garish costumes of the previous generation. Their dominance of WCW eventually became excessive, resulting in far too many members, convoluted storylines, and one of the worst PPVs of all time (NWO: Souled Out). Their earliest incarnation, however, tore up the wrestling rulebook and - in the right hands - could have won the Monday Night War for Ted Turner. Defining Moment: Their formation - Hulk Hogan's earth-shattering heel turn at Bash At The Beach 1996 remains the most influential heel turn in wrestling history, kickstarting a whole new rebels vs loyalists dynamic in WCW, and birthing the "cool heel" phenomenon still keenly felt today.
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