10 Best WWE Women's Wrestlers Of 2017

9. Mickie James

Asuka TLC

Despite turning 67-years-old, Mickie James somehow still managed to be one of Monday Night Raw's leading female performers of 2017.

OK, so that's not strictly true. She's actually only 38 - it's just that, from the way Alexa Bliss was speaking about her a couple of months back, any people listening to the show rather than watching would have been forgiven for thinking she was carrying round a zimmer frame.

It's that feud, in particular, that has took Mickie's year from a decent one to a very good one. Most of us thought that she would remain only a peripheral part of the women's title scene after re-signing last year, and yet on the eve of Tables, Ladders & Chairs it was plausible that she would emerge with the belt.

She didn't, but the match was solid, and even if it leads to nothing for Mickie herself, she at least helped elevate Alexa - who is young enough to be her great-great granddaughter - to new heights.

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