10 Controversial Moments In Hulk Hogan's WWE Career

Drugs, domestic violence, sex, racism, all running wild.

Hulk Hogan is no longer with WWE, following a shocking racism controversy. He's been removed from WWE's Hall Of Fame page, such is the severity of his comments. You'll find the full transcript in the number one slot of this feature, as it is easily his most controversial moment ever. It isn't the first time that Hogan has found himself in trouble. At 61 years of his age, he's been famous for over half of his lifetime. Along the way there was unbelievable successes, but also devastating lows. The squeaky clean superman Hogan of the 1980's who told kids to "say your prayers, take your vitamins" has long since been exposed as a fallible human being.

10. Hospitalising Richard Belzer

In 1985, just before the first WrestleMania, Hulk Hogan went on Richard Belzer's Hot Properties television show. Belzer insisted that Hogan perform a move on him, and Hogan eventually agreed. But it went badly wrong. The huge wrestler put a legitimate choke on the presenter, causing him to pass out. When he then released the hold, Belzer fell and cut his head open on the floor. It required hospitalisation and was a serious incident. So serious that Belzer sued for five million dollars, which was apparently settled half by Hogan and half by Vince McMahon. However, Belzer told Howard Stern in 2008 that the sum was more like $400,000.
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