10 Guys That Could Save TNA

TNA is not beyond saving with the right talent acquisitions.

For the record, TNA doesn€™t have a talent problem. It is worth saying that, even though a couple of non-TNA wrestlers appear on this list, it is our firm contention that TNA has more than enough talent in its roster to lift itself from its current malaise. So, whilst it is easy to point out that TNA is a company with more than a few problems, those problems have little or nothing to do with TNA€™s genuinely world-class roster. Say what you will about the company€™s creative direction, but if you don€™t rate the talents of stars like Austin Aries, Bobby Roode or Samoa Joe, then frankly, this article isn€™t for you because you probably aren€™t much of a wrestling fan... That being said (and sorry to whomever we just offended), an influx of fresh talent, and/or a re-purposing of existing talent, when placed alongside punchy, engaging content and fresh, exciting storylines, is really all TNA needs to be successful again. Besides, before all you WWE fanboys rush to hurl your rocks at the smaller kid in the playground, you might take a look at your own greenhouse. Let€™s face facts, today€™s Cena/Lesnar dominated WWE is hardly the company€™s best-ever period is it? Near as we can tell, there is no point to any WWE/TNA fan rivalries, in fact, many wrestling fans follow lots of different promotions, including WWE and TNA, but also checking out ROH, IWGP and Dragon€™s Gate, so leave it at the door and pick it up on your way out, please. Finally, the purpose of this list is to uncover a few big money booking possibilities and new ways to utilize existing talent. This is a fan made list, we are not affiliated with TNA in any way whatsoever. It is just a couple of ideas that might generate interest in (and hopefully revitalize) what is generally still a pretty strong product. Here, then, are 10 guys that could save TNA!
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