10 Heartbreaking WWE Moments That Made You Cry

7. Mark Henry Pretends To Retire

Roman Reigns crying

Mark Henry was ready to hang up his boots.

When the world's strongest man walked to the ring in his salmon blazer, wrestling boots swinging from his right hand, fans knew what was about to happen. As Sexual Chocolate said that he was in the ring "To formally retire," the noise of the crowd changed. Chants of "Thank you Henry," turned into gasps of shock.

Henry had been around since before the Attitude Era, so generations of the WWE Universe had got to know him over his 20 year career in the wrestling business. Fans across the world didn't want to see his time in the ring end this way.

After John Cena handed Mark the WWE Championship to hold, tears began to roll both in the ring and out of it. This wasn't a retirement through injury, it was a man who'd decided that now was the time to leave the active roster; that made it even more sad because he could've gone on to wrestle for years to come.

With a shout out to his family, Henry declared "Baby, I'm coming home," to an outpour of emotion. It was a beautiful speech that reminded fans across the world how much they should appreciate their favourite wrestlers performing each week for them while they can.

Then came the swerve of a lifetime, as Henry demolished Cena to reveal that it was all a ruse.

You can't deny the moment that came before it though. Magic from Mark.


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