10 Lamest WWE Returns

10. Rusev (Raw - 16 September 2019)


That WWE somehow contrived to make fans cringe at a Rusev comeback in 2019 is quite the achievement.

Once one of the most over acts in the company with this Rusev Day shtick and a fixture on any under-utilised/under-used/under-pushed list worth its bandwidth, 'The Bulgarian Brute' returned to bewildered murmurs of "what the f*ck?!" on this episode of Raw. The setup and execution were impossibly wack. A "gender reveal party" for Maria Kanellis' baby led to Mrs. K pointing the finger at potential father Ricochet, leading to her husband Mike challenging 'The One and Only' to a match. Thwarted in two minutes, Mike was subjected to an emasculating brow-beating from his wife, who was interrupted by Ru-Ru when threatening to reveal the real babby daddy, and she was happy to roll with it.

Rusev proceeded to flatten Mike in the blink of an eye. Though he was only a red herring in this wretched storyline, that he was placed in it on his first night back in months sucked the life out of what could've been a crowd-popping comeback.

Now, he's a cuckolding victim battered by Bobby Lashley on a weekly basis.


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