10 Lamest WWE Returns

9. Bobby Lashley & Lana (Raw - 30 September 2019)


In which Rusev becomes the cuckold after pseudo-cuckolding Mike Kanellis two weeks prior.

Rusev's wife, Lana, was conspicuous by her absence when the former 'Hero of the Russian Federation' came back to WWE television. Interviewer Charly Caruso asked the big man what was going on early in this episode of Raw. Offering only a solemn facial expression in response, Rusev refused to answer, then met Universal Champion Seth Rollins in a competently-worked but forgettable main event.

Bobby Lashley's music hit. "Cool," you might have thought, "he hasn't been around in a while and that Braun Strowman feud was awesome!", but what followed most certainly was not.

Having emerged to a non-pop, 'The All Mighty' stop at the top of the ramp, motioning to the backstage area. This was so long and so awkward that somebody must have missed a cue and it ended with Lana strolling out, locking lips with Lashley, and not letting go for a similarly uncomfortable length of time.

Abysmal execution, abysmal angle. It's as if the writers have forgotten about the failed Dolph Ziggler/Lana storyline back in the day and while young, it's hard to see how this thing can overcome its early cynicism.


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