10 Most Outrageous Wrestling Hotel Incidents

8. Matt Hardy And Reby Sky Hotel Fight

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In 2014, Matt Hardy was in a rough place. He had left WWE four years previous and had been having modest success on the indies. However, his personal life was starting to be derailed by the classic wrestling cocktail: injuries and pills. In early January 2014, police were called to a motel in Virginia at 5:45 am after a guest told staff someone was assaulting their girlfriend in one of the rooms.

The dispute, according to TMZ, was over Matt being intoxicated. When confronted by Reby, Matt became violent. One look at both of their mugshots shows how vicious the fight was. Matt is covered in claw marks and Reby looks like she has a fat lip and swollen eye. After their arrest, both parties filed restraining orders against one another.

This was a particularly ugly moment in the illustrious career of Matt Hardy. Thankfully, as we know in 2019, Matt and Reby are happily married with two children. Matt even used his family as the outlandish foundations for his eccentric 'Broken' gimmick and the Hardy family is as big a part of the gimmick's success as Matt.

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