10 Outdated WWE Tropes That Need To Go Away

Commandeering ambulances, crossing the boss, distracting the ref, these tropes need to be shelved.



Yeah, wel. Perhaps not-so-oh-myyy, because we’ve seen this exact spot about 765,278 times by now. Someone gets injured, is carted away on a Local Medical Facility Wagon, and they eventually return to the show riding atop the very same vehicle like it's some kind of triumphant symbol.

The point is, this, along with a number of other tropes, have become so overused, surely Vince has to look at it and go, “Goddamn, pal, we can't do that anymore." He won't, because Vince, but you get the point.

Over the years, we have seen certain spots become absolute favourites for WWE. So much so they have continued to absolutely run them into the ground. Now doing that to even a good thing would eventually make it suck. But many of these stunts are so dumb and so devoid of logic, it’s borderline painful seeing WWE continues to spam us with them.

With all that said, let’s fire up those sirens and prepare those bogus security teams...

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