10 Problems WWE MUST Solve In The 2019 Draft

More than a mere refresh, the upcoming draft can cure many of WWE's ailments.


As confirmed hours before last week's Clash of Champions pay-per-view went on the air, WWE's 2019 Draft begins on the 11 October episode of SmackDown and concludes on Raw three nights later, as the promotion look to shake-up and re-establish their talent rosters following Team Blue's move to Fox one week prior.

WWE.com's writeup states that a host of Fox/NBCUniversal personalities will be on hand to assist with Raw and SmackDown's picks. The main roster's complexion could look radically different coming out of it. As for the company's other brands, Triple H has claimed that while the Draft will be "more focused on Raw and SmackDown" than NXT, he said everyone would have to "wait and see" what will happen in October. This makes it impossible to rule out the developmental show's participation.

With any luck, WWE will use the 2019 Draft for more than a simple refresh as while programming has improved greatly over the past couple of months, Raw and SmackDown are still far from perfect. Let's take a look at how they can use this opportunity to cure some of the problems plaguing their modern product...

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