10 Shocking AEW Behind The Scenes Revelations

9. The Severity Of Britt Baker's Back Injury

AEW All Access CM Punk

With Britt Baker currently dealing with back issues that have restricted her in-ring outings, the first episode of AEW All Access not only revealed how long D.M.D. has been suffering with this problem, but it also shows the extremes Baker has gone to in order to still compete.

As of this writing, Britt's most recent match was against Anna Jay at the first House Rules event on 18 March. Prior to that, the Role Model hadn't competed for just over a month (in triple threat action against Ruby Soho and Toni Storm), and before that there was likewise a month's gap since Baker's prior in-ring action (teaming with Jamie Hayter against Saraya and Toni Storm).

Despite reports of these back problems first surfacing in January, this week has seen the Brittsburgh star detail how her back problems are actually getting worse and have now developed into a back and neck issue.

From what was seen on All Access, Baker required an utterly grim injection of pain relief into her back ahead of a tag match pitting her and Jamie Hayter against Skye Blue and Madison Rayne. That was a contest which took place on the live 4 November '22 episode of AEW Rampage, meaning things were already bad enough for Britt's back in November - as in, four months ago - that the former Women's Champion was requiring pain injections.

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