10 Strangest Places WWE Props Ended Up

Hands off the merchandise!


Zack Ryder's got some cracking collectibles.

If old WWE wrestling figures are your thing (and if they're not, maybe just skim past the next two paragraphs), 'Long Island Iced Z's YouTube videos are better now than when he was at the peak of his social media powers. Alongside on-screen partner and real life best mate Curt Hawkins, Ryder's finally found a way to make his enormous collection work for him with a podcast and WWE mini-series all about the toys he's never been able to grow out of.

As a timestamp for one of the industry's hottest ever periods, the Hasbro WWE figure line remain a firm favourite for fans of a certain age. If a rarity or oddity appears online, it's likely because Ryder's been doing the leg work to get it. Brutus Beefcake in his Megamaniacs clobber or a green Randy Savage only ever seen in a catalogue are the sort of things that have impossibly high financial and sentimental value to those that give a sh*t, so it's likely they'll end up in Ryder's Orlando playroom sooner or later.

The final destination for some of these unique pieces of wrestling history are altogether more surprising...


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