10 Tallest Wrestlers Ever (And How Giant They Really Were)

8. The Great Khali €- 7'1''


At a height of 7€'1", the Great Khali is the tallest wrestler still currently competing, albeit sporadically for his own independent promotion. However, much like his predecessors, Khali was often claimed to be even taller than this in his early days,. Though his posture is not what it used to be, it€'s hard to fathom that Khali was ever any taller than 7€'1"€.

Even on his debut, he was clearly not the 7€'3"€ that the WWE billed him as. Here he stood taller than The Undertaker, but not by any more than a few inches. And with 'the Deadman' measuring up at 6€'11"€, that makes 7€'3"€ look a little unrealistic for the Punjabi giant. Furthermore, when squaring up to the Big Show, the difference in size looks a lot less than three inches. Still, at just over seven feet, that€'s enough to make The Great Khali the tallest professional wrestler of the modern era.


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