10 Things We Learned From Sasha Banks On Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions

Sasha Banks talks WWE controversy, fighting depression and more with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin.

Steve Austin Sasha Banks Broken Skull Sessions

Need more proof that Steve Austin is a master host? Then check out the latest episode of his 'Broken Skull Sessions' show - in it, 'Stone Cold' shows his interviewing chops yet again by bringing Sasha Banks back from the brink of kayfabe-related disaster.

Someone needed to tell her that this was Austin's WWE Network show, not 'After The Bell'.

Seriously though, the interview's second half was way more enjoyable than the first due to Austin's subtle redirection and Banks' own ability to relax. There was an ice-breaking moment that'll be detailed in the main meat of this article, and it's pretty eye-opening stuff from both.

Sasha talked everything from depression, Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, the frostiness of WWE's women when she first traded NXT for the "main roster", NXT itself, the hidden importance of fellow 'Team B.A.D' members Naomi and Tamina, and more.

There is a sense that Austin's show suits retro legends over modern-day favourites, but he's such an engaging host that he's able to offset those initial fears current workers have about staying in character. Here's everything we learned from his chat with the reigning SmackDown Women's Champ...

10. She Thought She’d Be Released In 2013

Steve Austin Sasha Banks Broken Skull Sessions
WWE Network
“I’m on the chopping block, and I cannot get fired from this place that I grew up watching my whole life”.

That's how Sasha Banks felt back in 2013. At the time, she was just another aspiring female worker hoping to graft her way up the WWE food chain, but that didn't look possible. So, Banks started panicking about what it'd be like if the company put her on the scrap heap; where would she go, and what would she do?

Both Tyler Breeze and Xavier Woods stepped in to help her out. Together, the trio came up with a list of five different characters that Sasha could present to management. Amazingly, her 'Legit Boss’ gimmick was the first one, and it was heavily inspired by her cousin Snoop Dogg. Sadly, WWE officials weren't very keen on it.

Dusty Rhodes was.

'Dream' was the only one at NXT who got it. Thinking back to his support made Sasha cry on Austin's show. She'll never forget how determined he was to let her fly, and says she started finding things easier after that. Finally, she had a proper gimmick to focus on.

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