10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Austin Aries

3. He€™s Vegan

A few years ago, WWE occasionally made mention of the fact that Daniel Bryan was a practicing Vegan. That's not the case for the former World Champion now, but he's set to be replaced by the unique views of one Austin Aries. For years, Aries has been Vegan, and didn't eat meat long before he decided to cut out all animal products. On Instagram and other social media, Aries has been outspoken about fast-food chains like McDonalds. More recently, he even posted a picture of Rockstar Spud and himself at a basketball game. Whilst the Englishman was enjoying an ice cream cone, Aries favoured a Vegan protein bar to satisfy his sweet tooth. Daniel Bryan once remarked that Vince McMahon was baffled when he learned that he didn't eat animals, so it's likely he will have a similar baffling view on Austin Aries. Still, the fact Aries is Vegan hasn't held him back, he's in tremendous physical shape. This flies in the face of suggestions from some that meat is essential to build a fantastic body and pack on muscle mass.
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