10 Things You Didn't Know About Braun Strowman

7. Braun Was A Strongman Champion

Not content with being the fastest man ever to gain a pro card in the sport, Braun Strowman (or Adam Scherr, to be exact) quickly began piling up the competition wins and prizes along the way.

Many outsiders may view strongman as the last refuge of primitive, boneheaded men picking up big things and subsequently throwing big things in a tribal battle to decide who is brawnier than the rest. This view is both patronising and demonstrably incorrect.

To be a successful strongman one has to give their entire body over to the profession. Strowman has stated that at the height of his strongman career he was taking in some 12,000 to 13,000 calories a day, a truly terrifying amount for the ordinary human to comprehend. His girlfriend had to tie up his shoelaces during this time; the sacrifices one makes are real.

Strowman was an extremely successful strongman but his most notable achievement was destroying the competition in the Arnold Amateur Strongman Competition in 2012, winning five out of the seven events and earning himself a spot in the 2013 Arnold Classic, where the strongest of the strong would collide.


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