10 Things You Didn't Know About Liv Morgan

1. The Blue Tongue Gimmick Was An Accident

Liv Morgan

Wave goodbye to the blue tongued rascal version of Liv Morgan. There's a good chance WWE will change that when she's repackaged, and that means no more Jolly Ranchers before matches for Liv.

One day, before her match, Liv was warming up backstage and popped a piece of the delicious candy into her mouth as a pre-show snack. When she went to check the mirror to see how she was looking, Morgan noticed she had a blue tongue. 'F*ck it', she (presumably) thought. Liv decided not to tell anyone.

Morgan genuinely thought WWE officials would pull her to one side and ask her never to repeat the blue food dye trick again, but they didn't. It just sort of stuck as part of her act, and the pre-match Jolly Rancher munch became a nightly ritual. A tasty one too.

It was a complete accident. She hadn't meant to add another layer to her 'Liv Squad' gimmick by giving herself a colourful tongue at all, but it'd become a defining part of her entrance and mid-match celebrations.

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