10 Times WWE Booked The Wrong Guy To Win

Ego, idiocy, and petty obstruction.


Predictability and wrestling share a fractious relationship.

Fans will moan - generally with some justification - when they can spot a result from a mile away, even if it makes perfect storyline sense. Conversely, attempts to deviate from tested formulae are widely condemned. Even during the high-octane, tradition-flouting Attitude Era, the decision to book Triple H to walk out of WrestleMania 2000 as the WWF champion was met with derision.

Wrestling is often predictable for a very good reason - the industry is so patently ludicrous that, paradoxically, it must be kept simple to make even a lick of sense.

Return business is predicated on audience catharsis - but doling that out too quickly or too late means it won't resonate as it should. The Bruno Sammartino model was in place for so long because it worked so well. Accordingly, the victor more often than not falls into a promotion's lap. Or at least it should; WWE have long made a habit of failing to see even a few weeks in front of them - and ballsing it up royally.

Literally, in some cases...

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